The flow of the
boiler market

Gasification greenhouses caused by the use of fossil fuels has led to the causes of climate change, causing a series of weather disasters and shaking after the order of ecosystems fundamentally. And it is even threatening the survival of humanity.

Status of domestic manufacturers for industrial boilers

Geothermal Heat Pump

The technolohy of the heat pump of the domestic market still remain in the early stages, and a heat pump that is being produced suffers from problems such as defective construction without climate considerations, as well as the dependence of Japan product.


It consists only of the pipes, so withstands high pressure. Reserve small quantitie of water, therefore very much less damage when rupture.

Condensing boilers

EGM (Eco-Green Multi) system developed by integrating Premix burners and Cosmomix combustion control technologies into a single system Minimized heat loss of the exhaust gas by reducing the amount O₂ and NOx greatly in the exhaust gas


Heat pump technology, actively conducted since 1990 ATM heat pump classified as a renewable energy is spotlighted due to CO2 reduction. Japan, released the product which pulls out the water with the high temperature of 98 degrees in conjunction with VRF System Germany, relased the product which pulls out the water with the high temperature of 90 degrees by using two compressors R407C China, used in water heating / cooling cycle of heat pump products Russia, the hot-water boiler of water molecules are commercially available, replaced fossil fuel boiler market South Korea, micro-bubbles HOT Water / Oil PUMP commercialized, replaced fossil fuel boiler market
The rapid market changes The volume of Heat pump water-heater market in 2008 is equal to the world shipbuilding market and large-scale 615 billion Water heater is more than 11% annual growth rate In recent years, radiators with 5.3% growth in the heat pump heating market

Micro-bubbles HOT WaterㆍOil PUMP

Clean heating Technology

Micro-bubbles generates a 180 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ heat by the cycle of creation, explosion&collapse A diameter of only 0.5μm nano-bubbles are repeated a chain reaction of a compression fracture in a short time of 1μs (one millionth of a second) The temperature in the micro bubble is instantaneously raised to 5,500 ~ 10,000 ℃ ℃ comparable to the surface temperature of the sun Human health due to the nature of the micro-bubbles, increasing productivity and improving health of plants and animals

Four-dimensional Space heating

Since the space is heated in a non-linear surface heating, an additional heating generates countinously for a long time. Safety and mass production is possible due to the obtained quantitative results

Micro Bubble Power

American Sound Association supports research of Nobel laureate Julian Schwingeron that sound waves created by the collapse of micro-bubbles, cavitation which can draw more than 300 Zero Point Energy from the vacuum. US Department of Defense Advanced Research Institute, Harvard University and Nobel Prize winners verified the effects of this vacuum energy. US Department of Defense Advanced Research Institute supports research tasks about Anti-gravity propulsion and the Vacuum energy on the research institute of Harvard, Yale, and the University of California, argon, Los Alamos New Technology awarded by Russian Academy of Sciences in Energy Technology Sector

General Road Map


Extremely energy savingsst

Competing countries dueto energy savings of 70% Generating the heat with the 100% high efficiency by only 30% of energy cost 1/5 maintenance costs of existing boilers Fully 1/5 compact size compared to existing boiler performance levels 100% compatibility with the existing boiler - for hot water, heating, hot-air and steam Repurpose freedom


Excellent safety

Block the risk of seismic isolation devices and robots beforehand Risk ZERO, excellent stability Excellent reduction of administrative costs with a simple structure System to use only the necessary amount of heat Scale occurred almost none Long life of plumbing The earthquake preparation due to climate change


Carbon-free technology

Problem settled in accordance with the new climate change The products to deal with a new climate change. Main cause of environment, CO2 emissions ZERO Zero emissions of NOX health risks Zero secondary waste