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Reelcause. Inc.,

Reelcause Inc. supports small and medium venture companies in the world which want to enter the world market by launching products and services so that they can become global company and help them to enter OTC Market and above in NASDAQ through joint venture strategy

  • 2015. 11 Survey in USA and reported direct investment overseas
  • 2016. 07. M&A Reelcause Inc. in OTC Market _Pink
  • 2016. 08. Established Finance Branch Office in New Zealand
  • 2016. 10. Moved into Venture Center of Plaza Vegas Business Park in Las Vegas
  • 2016. 11. Strategic Partnership with the Worldwide Taekwondo Alliance
  • and Hosted the Event for Marketing Latin America
  • 2016. 11. Opened the Exhibition Center in USA
  • 2016. 11. Developed Magic Slush Model
  • 2016. 12. Strategic Alliance with Green Hong Bio Inc.
  • 2016. 12. Strategic Alliance with Korea Pay Co.Ltd.
  • 2016. 12. Started the Establishment of the Global Branch Business

Symbol of Reelcause contains compass image and compounds the word of Reel and Cause Reelcause was created because we foster the human resources and venture toward the future. Reelcause provides intelligent customer-support to the high tech venture company plagued by delays in trade executions, excessive spreads, and poor customer-support. While Reelcause is a new entity, its management team comes from a solid pedigree that knows the venture industry with foreign exchange and trading. Reelcause is not content by keeping up with developments in USA - we constantly improve, create, develop, and introduce our own solutions. This is consistent with our goal - to find more professional, and convenient for partners.

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world combat Tae Kwon Do federation board member
Hong kong MSC CFO
orea trading company
U.S.ARMY Translator
Iraq war
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